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Thursday, May 16, 2013

INFOSYS National J2EE Fast Track Batch 8 Week 2

30/01/2013 (Wednesday)

Starting to learn:

- ER modeling.
- ERD case studies.
- Transforming ER model to relational schema.
- Functional dependencies.

Meh Anna terang sikit sebanyak apa yang Anna belajar hari ni...

* RDBMS stand for Relational Datbase Management System. RDBMS ini merupakan satu software yang digunakan untuk menyimpan data menggunakan SQL (Structured Query Language). Data-data disimpan dalam bentuk table dan mempunyai hubungan antara table-table tersebut atau dalam erti kata lain database management system (DBMS) that stores data in the form of related tables. Relational databases are powerful because they require few assumptions about how data is related or how it will be extracted from the database. As a result, the same database can be viewed in many different ways.

* ER Modeling stand for Entity Relationship Modeling. ER Modeling is data model for describing a database in an abstract way. ER Modeling ni mengandungi entity, attribute dan hubungan.

* ERD case study ni pulak, kita akan diberi satu case study and then solve dalam bentuk diagram.

*  Transforming ER model to relational schema example:

Student(ssn, last, first, streetaddress, city, state, country, zip)
Course(dept, number, title, description, credits)
Section(crn, days, time, room)
Faculty(ssn, last, first, title, dept, office, phone)

As usual, need to finish up 8 assignments.

31/01/2013 (Thursday)

Learn about :
- Normalization.
- Introduction to SQL and SQL Plan.
- DDL.
- DML.

Finish up 4 Assignments.

01/02/2013 (Friday)

Learn about :
- Aggregate Functions.
- Group By and Having clauses.
- Joins.

Finish up 4 Assignments.

02/02/20113 (Saturday)

RDMS Module Test.

Learn about :
- Independent Sub Queries.
- Correlated Sub Queries.
- Views.
- Data Control Language.

Finish up 5 Assignments.

03/02/2013 (Sunday)

Student activity (8.45am – 11.00am).

04/02/2013 (Monday)

Learn about :

- Oracle Architecture.
- Why DBMS.
- Keys.
- SQL.
- Embedded SQL.
- Transaction Processing.

Finish up 2 Assignments.

05/02/2013 (Tuesday)

Learn about :
- Bind Variables.
- SQL Cursor.
- Exception.

Finish up 1 Assignment.

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FatinKpopLover said...

Kalu awk bagi case study skali dgn erd complete da tentu sye mintak nk copy. ^^

Duhh manalah saya nk cari case study siap dgn ERD complete. Aigoo~